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Never Married
Stoughton, Massachusetts
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This Passport/Visa of Love is Valid to US/CA ኩሩ ነፈጠኛ አማራና ፋኖ Most Welcomed!

It is a bit hard to describe oneself, but I will do my best & remain truthful to my core identity. In what follows, I will attempt to paint in words, my own sense of humor, intellect, inner disposition & character, compassion & romance - in brief, my whole personhood. I am a mature, God fearing and educated Ethio young man with unique & diverse cultural background. I am intelligent, loving, caring & family oriented. This is me in a nutshell. Looking For: I am looking preferably for an educated Ethio woman who lives in the US/Canada who is above and beyond of today's myopic, divisive, destructive, barbarian and stone age tigrean & oromian ethnic politics. I seek an honest Ethio lady who is inclusive & rejects outright the current ethnically based, divisive & fake internal boundary of Ethiopia (so called "ክልል") & longs for the "Older Ethiopia" we know of that includes Eritrea too (14 Provinces). እኛ የምናዉቀው "ክልል" ማለት የህዝብ መኖሪያ ሳይሆን የከብቶች ግጦሽ እና የእርሻ መሪት ማለት ነው፡፡ "ብሂር" ደግሞ "ሃገር/አለም" ማለት ነው፡፡ ለምሳሊ "እግዚአ ብሂር" የሚለው የግእዝ/የአማርኛ ቃል "የአለም ገዥ" ማለት ነው፡፡Anyway, back to the point, I seek ኩሩ ነፈጠኛ አማራ እና ፋኖ a proud Amhara/Ethio or non-Ethio woman that is honest, communicative, focused, has fear of God & is open for friendship & more, a woman who is ready to love and be loved, to settle down & establish a family and just like me, has a zest & passion for life. Must be an Orthodox, must share phone number & pictures. If you like what you just read, then contact me & we will take it from there.

Best Feature
I'll tell you later
5'  8"   (173 cm)
Family Roots
Black / African descent
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Greek Orthodox
Master's Degree
I'll tell you later
I'll tell you later
I'll tell you later
What languages do you speak?
English, Greek, Other
Favorite Music
Alternative, Blues, Classic Rock, Rap / Hip-Hop, Religious
Favorite Actors
Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Russel Crawl
Favorite Actresses
Hally Berry, Angelina Jolie, Angela Basset
Favorite Artists
Teddy Afo, Aster Aweke, Micheal Jackson, the Weeknd, Leonardo De Vinci, Afework Tekle
Favorite Athletes
Ethio Marathon Legends: Abebe Bekila and Haile Gebre Sellasie
Favorite Authors
Leo Tolstoy, Haddis Alemayehu's Ethio Classics such as ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር፡ ወንጀለኛው ዳኛ፡፡
Favorite Bands
To many to list
Favorite Books
Leo Tolstoy's Epic War and Peace, Homer's Troy, Sheak's Othello, Haddis Alemayehu "ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር"
Favorite Cities
Addis Abeba, Athens, Bahir Dar, Dubai, Gonder, Lalibela, Paris, San Fransisco, Rio de Janeiro, Washington D.C., Weldia
Favorite Clothing Stores
J Crew, Gap
Favorite Colors
Light Blue, Purple
Favorite Country
The Caribbean Islands (Nice Vacation spots), Ethiopia, France, Greece, Japan, Thailand, USA, UAE (Dubai).
Favorite Drinks
75% of my body is fluids, so I replenish it of course, with Water
Favorite Fashion Designers
Favorite Fast Foods
Favorite Magazines
Time, National Geography, Life
Favorite Comedies
The Gods must be crazy, The Terminal (Tom Hanks)
Favorite Dramas
Beautiful Mind, Notebook
Favorite Horror Movies
Not my type
Favorite Action Movies
Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Ben Hur and Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace
Favorite News Anchor
Lester Holt
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
Anywhere where she prefers...
Favorite Plays
I enjoy Soccer, Vollayball, Bicycling, Swimming
Favorite Politicians
Emperor Haile Sellasie I, Mahatma Gandhi , Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama
Favorite Sports Teams
Celtics and NE Patriots. Go Pats for 2018 World Champions
Favorite Quote From A Movie
" I will be back" (Arnold)
Favorite Restaurants
Ethio and Greek Cuisines as well as Japanese and Thai Foods.
Favorite Songs At The Moment
The Ethio Legendary Teddy Afro ቲዲ አፍሮ
Favorite Sports
World Cup,Soccer, Basket ball ( Boston Celtics)
Favorite Stocks
once the bubble settles, want to know more about it
Favorite TV Comedies
Frazier, Sienfield
Favorite TV Dramas
War and Peace (Based on Tolstoy Classic's Novel)
Favorite TV News Sources
NBC Nightly News, PBS's Frontline, CBS's 60 Minutes
Favorite Foods
Ethio, Greek, Japanese, Mediterranean, Thai....
Favorite Styles Of Music
All types...hip pop, disco, Jazz, blues, soft rock, country
Duplication of ourselves. The joy of life.
Community Service
Good things to do. It gives a sense fulfilment.
ምግብ ማብሰል ብዙም አላውቅም ግን ሁልጊዘም ለመማር ዝግጁ ነኝ፡፡ I am Open Minded. ምግብ ማብሰል ለከፋ ቀን (ለምሳሊ ሚስቲ ስታረግዝ) እሷን ለማገዝ ይረዳኛል፡፡
Love it
Good for health
እንጀራ በዶሮ ወጥ ከማለፊያ የማር ጠጅ ጋር እወዳለሁ፡፡
FIFA love it
ኩሩ የአማራ ነፍጠኝ ነኝ፡፡ ለራበው እንጀራ ለጠገበው ጥይት ማጉርስ ከደሚ ነው፡፡
Like it
It is very dirty game specially in Ethiopia. ላለፉት ድፍን 30 አመታት፡ ክላይ እስከ ታች ያሉት የድፍን ሃገር መሪወች፡ የክፍለ ሃገር (የሃሰቱ "ክልል")፡ የወረዳ፡ የዞን፤ የከተማ የቀበሊ መሪወች ሁሉም (ከጥቂቶች በቀር አብዛኝወች) ሃገርን ለመገንባት ሳይሆን ሃገርን ለማፍረስ የመጡ፡ የበግ ለምድ የለበሱ እርኩስ ተኩላወች ናችው፡፡ አብዛኝወች ሊቦች፡ ዘራፊወች፡ ባለጊወች፡ ያለ ብቃት ያለ ችሎታ፡ ያለ እዉቀት የስልጣንን ወንበር ለማሞቁ የተወዘፉ ከንቱወች፡ ወራዳወች፡ የቁም በድኖች፡ እና የቁም ሙታኖች (አፈር እና ትል) ናችው፡፡
like NPR
Important in Life. I am an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, and I want an Orthodox Christian Life Partner too.
Love Persian Rugs
Some times
Sky Diving
I always wanted to do it. But, these days I have my reservation.
like. FIFA world cup 2014
Very useful
Nourishing Food for the mind
Love it, I have seen several countries
Love it
Adventurousness Somewhat Daring
Affectionateness Somewhat Doting
Trustingness Somewhat Gullible
Confidence Very Confident
Independence Very Independent
Mood Average
Romance Somewhat Romantic
Sociability Somewhat Extroverted
Thought Process Very Analytical
Tolerance Average
Dress Somewhat Formal
Energy Somewhat High
Go Party Sometimes
Neatness Somewhat Neat
Punctuality Always Early
Spending Average
Work Ethic Workaholic
Describe the perfect evening.
I am happy the way it is now, but I want to add more spice and joy to my life. Perfect evening is being yourself, together with the one you love and living and sharing life to the fullest.
Describe your perfect weekend.
Taking a Weekend Gateway with that Special One to Cape Code, Hampton or Nantasket Beaches, Swimming, Relaxing and Listening to the Ocean's Waves
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Love at First Sight might lead on a rare occasion to something Real but oftentimes unfortunately it does not. So, I am quite Realistic, Practical and Pragmatic.
How many kids would you like to have?
Two, one that looks like me and one that looks like her. Children are gifts from God and are real duplicates of our own love and life.
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
I would be a lier if I said, physical appearance or external beauty is not important for it is to some degree important but inner beauty is even more valuable. It never fades away.
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
No one has a Majical power. Now having said that, if I had one, I would use it to eradicate once for all poverty, suffering, famine, and injustice around the world.
What is the purpose of marriage?
To share love, to dedicate to each other and live life to the fullest with that special one and to regenerate yourself. I believe that sums it up.
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
That I learn from yesterday, live today to the fullest and dream of tomorrow
What do your friends like about you most?
My boldness, strong perseverance and determination. I am quite Blunt but also Truthful. Those who know me, appreciate and respect my Honesty and Core Values too.
What do your friends tease you about the most?
What gets on your nerves?
Extreme ignorance, pretenders and lies, fake and narrow-minded people, dishonesty, lack of tolerance, selfish or inconsiderate people. በሃገራችን ዉስጥም ሆነ በዉጭም ያሉትን የዘመኑ የትግራይ እና የኦሮሞ ጠባቦች፡ ደናቁርቶች/እውራኖች በተለይም በዝቅተኝነት ስሚት የተናወጡ እና የዘቀጡ ሰወችን በሩቁ፡፡ እነዚህ እና መሰሎቻቸው እንኳን ጥንታዊቷን፡ ታላቁቷን እና ቅድስት ኢትዮጵያን ቀርቶ አንዲትን ትንሽ መንደር/ቀበሊንም ለመምራት እወቀቱም፡ ብቃቱም፡ ችሎታዉም፡ ክህኖቱም ፈዖም የላችዉም፡፡ ስለሆነም ድፍን ህዝብ እና ድፍን ሃገር እንዲተርፍ፡ ልክ እንደ የቢት ቆሽሻ ከእነ እርኩስ መንፈሳችው ጋር፡ ከስር መሰረታችው ለዘላለም ሊጠረጉ ግድ ይላል፡፡ People that are Sank and Permanently Dwell in their own ethnic tigrean/oromian Inferiority Complex, I keep them OFF. Why? So that, I do NOT get Contaminated by their Toxicity. They are Toxic to all Breathing Beings (both Humans and Animals) and even to the Environment.
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
Love, honesty, trust, openness and, good communication. I am looking for a "real woman" who is focused and knows what she wants in life and what I might call in my own Amharic language as "የህይወት አጋር" (Life Partner), a "Helper/ረዳት" "የራሲ/የግሊ ሂዋን" (My Own Eve).
What's the best age to get married?
In the 30's, when you are collected and calmer and more responsible to handle the excitement and challenges of marriage.
What turns you off?
Uncleanness, lies, gossip, ignorance, and egocentrism. Most of all,dishonest people and a narrow or closed mind.
What turns you on?
What turns me most in a woman is an "Intelligent Mind", "Natural Beauty" and certainly a Zest and Passion for Life. የጥንቱም ሆነ የአሁኑም ጠቢቡ አማራ ሲተርት "ሰው ከዘመዱ አህያ ከአመዱ" ነዉና የእኒን ቀልቢን እና ልቢን እጅጉን የሚስበኝ የእኒን የመሰለ ህሊና፡ ስነ ልቦና እና አመለካከት ያላችው ሲቶች ናችው፡፡
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
Achiving my specific objectives and goals in life and living up my dreams and sharing it with the special one.
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